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Big Bin.

diciembre 4, 2019

Big Brother has already been around half of the world, here in Italy Minoli took him to StreamTV just before he was kicked out, Canale 5 made it the television event and, while anticipating it (because we have seen some foreign bets) that the TV version will be a deadly bore, if you really don't want to listen to our suggestions, for example reading a good book, having a picnic taking advantage of the last rays of sun, or, why not, visiting Macity, here you are then the first impressions.

Almost unique (only the Netherlands did the same) among all the countries that broadcast Big Brother on the web, Italy (or rather, the Jumpy portal by Fininvest / Mediaset) decided to opt for the worst streaming system currently possible, not only the worst for objective reasons, but the worst for Mac users, because the system is that of Microsoft Windows Media, one of the least stable applications and the most dozen of the programs developed for Mac.

In the beginning was RealPlayer, then QuickTime Streaming and from that moment there was a choice … do you say that Media Player was released in the meantime? Don't worry, nobody noticed it, indeed, it must be said that the little modesty they have in Redmond, they used in this period to advertise as little as possible the versions developed for Mac.

Judge for yourself, as long as you want to overcome at least a dozen crashes before seeing a few minutes of Big Brother via Microsoft Windows Media Player.

Who can tell if the dreaded Big Brother is not really someone else.

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