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Best 5 Android apps for traveling

Whether you are a vagabond, a nomad, a casual traveler, an explorer or anything like these, you will certainly find the applications that I thought to list below useful. I selected the 5 best Android apps for traveling. I believe they are almost essential for this purpose. I am mostly English, but I believe that if you are looking for quality you should get used to using foreign applications.

The 5 best Android apps for traveling

Android apps for traveling

Imagine that you have decided to catch up and go for a tour of the cities of Italy. An unforgettable journey. Maybe you don't want to waste hours on the highway. I therefore advise you to download Waze, an application that is constantly updated with traffic information on the main roads of the world. To download it, of course, just click on the bold title. It is free.

In addition to traffic information, I think you can also use the free maps for the areas you are going to visit, you never know you can lose! Maps Free a free application that allows you to access the excellent maps of Google Maps directly from your Android device. So even if you are among those people who have zero sense of direction, you don't have to worry and you can travel safely.

Another Android application to travel that I think may be useful to you, if you travel by car, could be this. The presence of speed cameras on the roads has become a nightmare for many. So why not travel more peacefully being supported by an application that notifies you? Autovelox Italia is an application that performs this function, alerting you to the presence of electronic speed controls. Obviously trust yourself well and don't trust yourself better! However I think it could still be a help.

If you have to decide your goals, in which restaurant to eat, where to sleep, I think this application is for you. TripAdvisor is completely free and includes over 225 million reviews of many locations, hostels, restaurants and much more.

This application allows you to better manage your trips to destinations that are unreachable by car. In fact, Skyscanner is an application that will allow you to identify the best low-cost trips available on the market. You can define your preferences and book your flight very easily directly from your Android smartphone.

The Android applications to travel that I wanted to introduce you are now finished, if you know others, if you have suggestions, criticisms or doubts, don't hesitate to comment! We will be happy to answer you.