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Because it is important as an iPhone user to have a VPN

iPhone have a VPN

Why is it important as an iPhone user to have a VPN? It's a question we often ask ourselves before installing a VPN on our idevice. Navigating safely and safeguarding your privacy has become, in recent times, widely discussed problems also due to the fact that hacking techniques are becoming more efficient and sophisticated. Even the government has recently repealed the legal rules that, until recently, prevented Internet service providers (ISPs) from selling browsing data to third parties, without the direct consent of the user himself. Is it therefore normal, in a situation of this kind, to feel more and more exposed, given that your privacy risks being violated at any time?

What exactly is a VPN?

In light of these recent events, it is not surprising that VPNs are emerging as one of the best methods available to protect their data and privacy when online.

The term VPN refers to a Virtual Private Network (Virtual Private Network), a sort of private and protected corner within a large public space known as the World Wide Web. VPNs function as a group of private networks connected to a public network, which require authentication before a user can access the Internet.

An iPhone user what advantages could be gained from a VPN?

Being the VPNs of secure networks, they are able to block access to any user outside the VPN who wants to acquire data, control the exchange of files and / or information or hack the system.

Advantage 1: Have more privacy when surfing the Internet

It may be necessary to keep your private browsing data for a variety of reasons, for example if you work in a specific sector such as healthcare, education or law, for which it is particularly important to maintain a degree of confidentiality with regard to data of patients, students or clients. There may be sensitive information relating to a specific case. Or, more simply, you could be the kind of users who like to download files and videos from the Internet, or who are particularly interested in their privacy.

If you generally use a public Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone – for example when you are traveling or when you go to your favorite club, you should be aware that this type of connection is particularly vulnerable to attacks by malicious hackers or to data collection.

Advantage 2: Possibility to choose the server location

Any VPN network uses a multitude of different servers, located all over the world, to guarantee the security and redundancy of the connection. If you have opted for a high quality VPN service, you should have access to hundreds of servers worldwide, to which you can connect at any time.

iPhone have a VPN

What does all this entail? Since a VPN is basically the intermediary that you will use to send and / or receive data, any website, thanks to the VPN, when you have to detect your position will actually detect the server's position, rather than the actual position of your iPhone . In this way you will not be forced to share your current position but you can simply share the position you prefer.

There are many advantages in personally selecting the location of your server, including bypassing any geographical block imposed by a website without problems. It is actually more of a nuisance than anything else, but movie fans and Game of Throne fans will certainly understand. When you travel, the contents (especially the video contents) of streaming services are subject to very strict limitations, and this is a problem that is generally not found when you are at home. This is because in service contracts such as Netflix or Hulu different contents are provided depending on the rheographic location in which the user resides, and for this reason very often there are limitations regarding such content based on the aforementioned location.