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Backpacks for iPod in Italy

Trekking enthusiasts, regular users of backpacks, urban survivors, lift the antennas: if you are fond of iPod you will soon have the accessory for you, a backpack designed specifically to contain, protect and even control without removing it from the inner pocket your favorite player. To launch on the Italian market this original product the Danish Simpak, a company specializing in backpacks and well known in our country that is betting many cards on the "compatibility" with iPod.

The first product "made for iPod" to arrive in Italy, explains Simpak, will be i-Blaze. Beyond the external appearance that makes it completely similar to a city backpack, the peculiarity lies in the control system of the iPod. In fact, on the left shoulder strap there is a console that allows you to use the player properly stored and protected inside the backpack.

"The launch of i-blaze – the people in charge of Simpak tell us – only a first step. Afterwards we will launch a Synergie backpack designed for iPod and in the future the whole Simpak line will have models designed for iPod. In Italy we will initially arrive in Milan, at the JDC store in Piazza Duomo and at Eral in Corso Como 2, and then we will present our range to all Apple retailers. The backpacks will also be on sale at the best and most popular casual and sports stores. A model for iPod nano (which is currently not compatible with i-Blaze) will be available early next year ". Currently i-Blaze is sold in several European countries: Germany, United Kingdom, Benelux, France and of course Scandinavia. Simpak has also entered into an agreement with Apple to market the backpack in the US.

The suggested retail price of i-Blaze with a 150 euro iPod control system. Models without "compatibility" with the player cost between 66 and 91 euros.