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Apple raises prices: the cheapest app now costs 0.99 euros

The cheapest app in the Apple Store for 0.99 euros: new rules and increases cause the minimum starting price to change for the purchase

(Photo: LaPresse)(Photo: LaPresse)

The minimum price of the apps is growing. Due to recent changes in legislation and changes (Eu Vate via below), the minimum price of applications in the Apple Store changes in Canada and most of Europe. It passes to 0.99 euros of minimum ceiling, 0.79 pounds and 1.19 Canadian dollars.

As AppleInsider lets you know, changes are expected in Russia soon, even if on that front we still don't know what to expect. Only Iceland will record a decrease in prices.

The App Store, has registered a new sales record at the end of the year: customers all over the world have spent nearly half a billion dollars on apps and in-app purchases. The 2014 revenue increased by 50% and the apps generated more than $ 10 billion in revenue for developers. To date, the App Store developers have earned a total of $ 25 billion from app and game sales.

But even for them these new features will have new implications.


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