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A serial for the Cube

diciembre 4, 2019

A serial for the Cube –

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As with other machines, Griffin offers the possibility of adding an RS422 serial port to the Cube, neither is it less than the serial port mounted on all pre USB Macintosh. The port in question will take the place of the internal modem card and, by connecting directly to the logic card of the machine, will allow almost total compatibility with any possessed serial device and AppleTalk support for LocalTalk networks. The only limitation of the product is the lack of GeoPort support, but it must be said that the peripherals that need this support are very rare indeed. The cost of the device is very interesting: 49 dollars, which makes it cheaper than a classic external adapter. on the other hand, an even greater compatibility. The downside in having to remove the modem, but the network access devices are now so numerous that many will not use the internal modem, preferring an AirPort solution or a router on the Ethernet network. Alternatively, for those with an ISDN connection, we find adapters that work on the USB port.

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