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YouTube Go debuts on Android: the experience also goes offline

The new application – YouTube Go designed to minimize the consumption of mobile data arrives on Android devices.

Around the end of 2016, YouTube had disclosed information regarding a new application – YouTube Go designed to minimize the consumption of mobile data. Allepoca was talking about a test phase and a consequent release in India.But why is such an unusual localized launch? The YouTube Go app was designed thinking of those developing countries that do not have an Internet connection that is not only powerful, but also economic and stable. In order for users to be assisted in being able to enjoy their favorite video channels, the application made it possible to download videos. It will be possible to choose the type of format to download, so as not to consume too much data and too much memory of a device. Moreover, the app shows previews of videos in GIF format so as to favor the decision that will lead to downloading or not. potentials that boasts YouTube Go, one of the most interesting and potentially most useful features – the sharing option. Users can easily share the video they have downloaded to their devices with friends via Bluetooth, thus also allowing them to watch the same video without using any data. Unfortunately, YouTube Go officially available only in India – for the moment – and Google has not yet revealed when it will be extended to other states. Moreover, the application is still in beta, so that we can be aware of the fact that there may be problems. In case you were in another country outside the Indian territory and wanted to download via sideloading, the APK available for download here.