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Yo B * tch, the Aaron Paul app by Breaking Bad

The actor launches the app to send friends a Jesse Pinkman-style greeting

xbox-aaron-paul-coverAccording to a careful philological analysis that can be consulted on the Net, during the five-season of Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman speaks the word bitch 54 times. Of these, a fair percentage represented by the greeting / insult / intercalary yo, bitch, which has become a small classic of the TV series. So that Aaron Paul, the actor who plays Pinkman, launched the Yo, B * tch app (or just YB) for the happiness of all the fans.

Along the lines of the popular Yo a few months ago, YB allows you to send friends the iconic sentence read by Aaron Paul himself, also choosing from a variety of expressive nuances. If not enough, they are available to pay packages with extra sentences. The app currently available on the Apple store and will arrive for Android in early 2015.

was the actor in person to announce the release of YB on his Twitter profile: "Yo Bitch !! To everyone that has ever asked me to call them bitch, here you go. It?s an App Bitch! Happy Holidays ".


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