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XtremeMac: AirPlay2 and many accessories for iPod nano

A new XtremeMac, at least in the renewed company logo, presents all the novelties of the autumn: AirPlay2, MicroBlast, Microflex Car and other renewals of the range.

Much attention to the iPod and in particular to the iPod nano by XtremeMac which intends to market these new products in the first week of November.

AirPlay had already been successful since the presentation in January, now with the AirPlay2 model they are re-launching with a nod to the iPod nano, an adequate profile (7 mm, like the iPod nano) and the availability in two colors make this radio transmitter still friendlier with the latest iPod model. Three programmable FM frequencies and the possibility to scale to the audio mode for better reception, now it connects to the Dock connector instead of the audio socket and has a "female" Dock connector for further cascade connections. It is also compatible with other iPods.

AirPlay is also a product for iPod shuffle.

AirPlay2 will be on sale in the USA for 60 dollars.

MicroBlast the first portable station with integrated audio speakers for the iPod mini, its slim profile integrates itself inside the box that, again to follow the style imposed by Apple with the new born, available with white or black profiles. Four 3 W loudspeakers per channel, closes on itself when carried and opens to place it on a shelf. It powers either with four AA batteries or with the power supply.

MicroBlast will be on sale in the USA for 120 dollars.

MicroFlex Car a flexible car device that supports the iPod nano and simultaneously charges it from the car's 12-volt socket. The iPod nano accessory profiles can hold an iPod nano even when it is combined with the AirPlay2.

MicroFlex Car will be on sale in the US for $ 50.

Minor updates also for all other XtremeMac accessories dedicated to the iPod line: Iconz, TuffWrap, Car Charger, SportWrap, MicroSport, iceFrame, MicroShield, MicroGlove and iBling.