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WhatsApp for business: tests for new functions are starting

WhatsApp for business: tests for new functions are starting. Incoming a function dedicated to the business of small businesses first in India.

WhatsApp for Business, may not be a dream. The most widespread communication app in the world would already be working on a function dedicated to the business of small businesses that will see the first pilot phase in India, its biggest market.

WhatsApp for Business

This would be called the version of the application, it will help companies with 10 employees or less to better manage their customers. It would therefore be the first official attempt by the monetization messaging giant after 8 years without advertising and without subscriptions. This provision takes place shortly after the arrival of the new COO Matt Idema, who was drafted for the purpose of monetizing the application, three years after the acquisition by Facebook for $ 22 billion.

Testing for WhatsApp for business is underway

The new functionality currently being designed and tested and – according to Forbes – after a pilot launch in India, the company could extend it to other countries. In a statement by WhatsApp spokesmen we read: "We build every feature of WhatsApp to be simple, reliable and secure, and this vision in line with what digital India promises to achieve. We will continue to invest so that we can help more people across India and we hope to contribute more to the digital commerce vision for India of the future. "

It starts from India

LIndia, with its 200 million active users per month, constitutes 15% of WhatsApp's overall user base. The platform recorded 14 billion messages in the country on New Year's Eve alone, the highest number in the world. India is also in the lead in terms of Facebook users, with the fastest growth recorded on the market: 155 million users in 2016. However, WhatsApp is not the first major technology that launches the pilot phase of a service in India. early this year Google CEO Sundar Pichai, during his Indian visit, admitted that the research giant has successfully tested global products, including the online service of YouTube, in India and the release on other markets occurred only later. India quickly adopts the new services. WhatsApp for Business in line with Facebook at Work (corporate solution of the social giant) and recently Google announced the initiative "Digital Unlocked", which aims to bring in India 51 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) online.

WhatsApp for Business, the tests for SMEs are underway