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#VXperience: discover the new Smart Working. The Webinar 2.0 from the RAI TV studios

If you think smart working means working from home, you're wrong. Follow the Live Streaming from the Rai TV studios and discover Activity Based Working

From the RAI TV studios: #VXperience

If you think smart working means working from home, you're wrong. There are many ways to make work smart, efficient and digital, even what you can't do at home. A new discipline is born: lActivity Based Working which completely redesigns workplaces, which intervenes not only on technology, but also on the design of workstations, meeting rooms, in short, which transforms the entire work experience. Find out how you can transform the work of your company by improving every aspect and above all the experience of the employees .

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Follow the Live Streaming #VXperienceLive Streaming 02/28/2017 at 15,30

VEM Sistemi, Cisco and Digitalic are happy to invite you to the exclusive Live Webinar 2.0 #VXperience broadcast live streaming from the TV5 studio of the RAI Corso Sempione. # VXperience the first Webinar 2.0 on Activity Based Working, a new cultural paradigm that changes the experience of every activity in the office .

Subscribe to the most innovative Smart Working event Find out how to manage work spaces in a dynamic and innovative way thanks to digitization. Find out what makes employees' work really efficient. Discover the main rules to follow to apply Activity Based Working. Listen to Tetra Pak's extraordinary experience and how she changed the way she works. employees in its Italian factory.

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Stefano Bossi, CEO of VEM SistemiMichele Dalmazzoni, Collaboration & Industry IoT Leader of Cisco Gianmaurizio Cazzarolli,Director Facility Management Italy, Tetra PakPresentsFrancesco Marino, founder of Digitalic

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