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Update WhatsApp Android Cryptography

Recently been issued a WhatsApp Android update which has introduced a very important feature that serves to protect the privacy of the people who use this service. With the latest WhatsApp Android update, the end-to-end encryption, a security feature that allows you to keep secret the conversations we have with our contacts. When a message, photo, video or voice message is sent using end-to-end encryption, they cannot be read by attackers trying to intercept our conversations.

If you have installed the latest WhatsApp Android update, end-to-end encryption is automatically enabled, so you won't have to do any manual operations to increase your privacy. For cryptography to work it is not sufficient that only our version of WhatsApp is updated, but our interlocutor must also have the latest WhatsApp update. This is why, for example, if you access a WhatsApp group and view the information, you could read the writing:

The messages you send in this group are not end-to-end encrypted. Tap for more information

By clicking on the message you can view which contacts, present in the group, do not have the latest WhatsApp update installed on your smartphone. In order to solve the problem, I advise you to tell your friends to update WhatsApp in order to start using all the new security features. If you have not already done so, please install the latest WhatsApp update.

In this simple guide I will show you how to upgrade WhatsApp Android to enable encryption. At the end of the procedure, it will be possible to use end-to-end encryption with all the contacts that have updated the known instant messaging app.

How to update WhatsApp Android

In order to install the latest WhatsApp Android update for free, these are the steps you need to perform on your Android smartphone:

  • Start the application Play Store.
  • Click on the top left button as shown in the photo to open the menu.

Update WhatsApp Android Cryptography - 2

  • Select the item My apps and my games.

Update WhatsApp Android Cryptography - 3

  • A list of applications will appear, installed on the Android smartphone, which must be updated. Among them you should also see WhatsApp. To start the update click on Update all to install the latest WhatsApp Android update.

Update WhatsApp Android Cryptography - 4

Wait for all applications to be updated (it may take a few minutes depending on the number of apps in the list). At the end of the update you can start WhatsApp and start using all the end-to-end encryption features introduced with the latest versions.

If you know friends or relatives who have not yet updated the application, I suggest you share this guide so that they can install the latest WhatsApp update for Android and use encryption when you exchange messages. For more details on the end-to-end encryption function, I suggest you read the article written by WhatsApp developers that you can find at this link.