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Translate Keyboard Pro: the keyboard that translates live arrives on iOS

a simultaneous translator in text format, costs 1.79 euros and available on iPhone and iPad

Since iOS is open to support for external developer keyboards, alternatives abound on iPhone and iPad. One of these new keyboards is called Translate Keyboard Pro and works like a simultaneous translator, a kind of live Google Translate: everything you write is translated immediately in one of the 80 supported languages.

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Install and activate it as a common additional keyboard and initially behaves like the native version. For use the translator just touch the button with the colored circle icon and choose the source language and the target language. You won't be able to type as your usual or the app won't keep up: so better leave the muscle memory of the thumbs in the drawer e pay attention that the translation is taking place without errors.

If you frequently need to communicate in unknown languages, or tickle the idea of ??an app like this, find it at 1.79 euros on iTunes. Otherwise, the good old (and above all free) Google Translate can easily do its job with a couple of extra steps.


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