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The Republic answers

Some time ago, the friend Enzo Borri forwarded to the Espresso editorial staff a thank you email for the production of CD-Rom compatible with our platform; the answer deserves to be reported:> Dear Mr. Borri,

we thank you first of all for the compliments.

It is nice to receive, especially on this thorny aspect of Mac compatibility. The fact is that we, Mac users all along, like all journalists and people who work in publishing houses, often find in the foreign markets titles to import that are already 'made only for Win or we develop new titles which by their nature (rather complex databases) require an investment for the Mac version that cannot be recovered with sales (and publishers, to be independent, CANNOT make shares in lost?).

Keep in mind, however, that the Mac issue is one of the first that we ask ourselves when we choose necklaces abroad or when we make them here in Italy. And if the choice falls on the necessity of the exclusion of Mac we are the first to regret it, and we verify in every way the possibility of economic recovery.

Of course he can forward this email (written on a PPC Mac 4400/200) to those who believe!

Thank you again for your passionate participation. Good things

valerio elected


Valerio Eletti

Multimedia Dept. Manager

La Repubblica editions, Rome


All this allows us to hope for the future of CD-Roms that we will find attachments to newspapers and weekly magazines headed by la Repubblica. Can we say the same about everyone else? Surely it is not only affective considerations that make the choice of publishers fall on a stock instead of another compatible Mac, the great success of Apple machines in the last two years has certainly raised awareness among publishers in this sense, and the threshold of convenience in producing a CD-Rom also for Mac starts to be easily accessible. We hope that the rest of Italian publishing quickly learn that the rich Apple market and willingly buys well-made titles.