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The best music streaming services

We have witnessed, in recent years, an incredible evolution in the field of music listening. From the inviniles media we passed on to the audio library which introduced for the first time the concept of compilation and customized playlists. The evolution continues with the introduction of music CDs to arrive, at the time of the internet, digital uniforms with MP3 format compression to download and listen to on various digital media. We have also surpassed this, because today the most used form is service music streaming, listen to music directly online.

All major technology companies have an on-demand streaming music offer in their catalog, with slight variations for features and costs. Some streaming music services are free and therefore do not require any financial commitment – for example, SoundCloud or Amazon Music (for Prime subscribers). Others have a monthly subscription that allows you to listen to all the music you want.

Music streaming: the best services

After seeing how to download music and download free music, in this article we see what are the best streaming music services. We want to enter the world of streaming music and understand how it works and what the costs are.


Spotify currently the best option available for the on-demand music streaming service and when this service arrived in Italy, streaming music was still new. Now that Apple has launched AppleMusic with considerable success, we can say with certainty that streaming music was finally real.

spotify music streamingThen there Spotify, which rides the free service line with advertising banners, both on the desktop and on the mobile devices. The free option has some limitations, but allows you to listen to all the music you want in streaming. It can be useful to test its quality.

If you've never signed up or used an on-demand music streaming service, our advice is to try Spotify, that if advertising is tolerated, the free service and only afterwards will you decide whether to subscribe also for offline listening.

Only after Spotify is the Apple Music service, which is extremely promising, but some functionalities are still missing. Not only is Spotify the best option, but the service that is less likely to end its cycle in a short time. You can also decide to switch to another music streaming service, but not because you didn't find it valid.

The Spotify service, among other features, offers streaming music on demand, Internet radio and user-created playlists. On Spotifynon you'll find Taylor Swift's music, but you'll find almost every other artist available to stream on all other services.

Spotify Free streaming is available on your computer desktop or on any mobile device by downloading the apps either iOS that Android.With the Premium version for the price of12.99 at least benefit from some additional features, such as listening to songs in offline mode or streaming without advertising banner and high audio quality. Free 30 day trial.

Apple Music

Apple Music the streaming music service for Apple fans to use on Mac, iPhone and iPad devices.

streaming music apple musicApple Music a new and fresh service for music lovers, but still incomplete. All essential functions are present, but many minor details must be modified, even if a product in continuous evolution.

For example, the covers of albums that in iTunes music are displayed by scrolling left to right to view more selections. Within the Apple music application, however, the albums displayed in a similar way do not allow discussion on the left and on the right to show more selections. This dialer is a source of confusion.

In Apple Music there is no free version, the cost of 9.99 however for access to on-demand music streaming individual, or of 14.99 however for a plan family with up to 6 people. Apple currently offers a free three-month trial that could be useful to understand if the music application is right for you. Apple has also included another plan, the one for students, which provides a monthly subscription of only 4.99. While with an annual subscription, you can take advantage of the AppleMusic service for 12 months for the price of 10.

Apple's music application not only available for devicesiOS, Macbut also forAndroid.Apple has crossed enemy lines and opened its music streaming service to Google users. Apple Music for Android keeps most of the good parts of the original iOS app. However, the same flaws are also reported, but said that without the support of the Apple ecosystem, Apple Music is less attractive on Android than on Apple's mobile devices.

The iOS version of Apple Music actually one of the reasons why I am so enthusiastic about the service. I love the sectionFor you and the section dedicated to the new music. Personalization For Tenon other than perfect with his unique recommendations. In addition, the card What's New a great way to find the latest songs and albums you've been talking about right now.

Google Play Music

Google Music It was initially built for the user of Android devices, but a service that is not used enough and just can't get the recognition it deserves.

streaming music Google musicGoogle Play Music, one of the most interesting music services available at this time. It offers free cloud storage to load your personal library, so that you can store music downloaded or music purchased and streamed for free. But if you want more features, you have the option to subscribe with two different plans, that staff at the cost of 9.99 per month and that familiar (with a maximum of 6 people) for the price of 14.99. Paid plans include a radio function, you can switch from one song to another whenever you want, listen to music without advertising or interruptions, download music even offline.

The music application ofGooglefor devicesAndroid isiOS just bellada to use. The perfectly suitable material design and all functions are easy to find and use. The problem that functions like playlist is sharing don't seem to be a priority for Google.


SoundCloud become a fixed point among free listening music services and can be compared to YouTube with the equivalent audio. YouTube hosts videos and makes sharing easier – SoundCloud does it for music, podcasts and other audio content.

souncloud music streamingBecause SoundCloud an audio hosting solution, the number of tracks available varies considerably, usually including some illegally uploaded tracks. However, the amount of illegal music has significantly decreased over the past few years.SoundCloudfor iOSis Android it can be overly minimalist, but a unique application. What features SondCloud the possibility for users to comment on the various sections, which can sometimes be annoying. If you don't accept advertising while listening to streaming music, you can switch to SoundCloud Go, the subscription version at the price from $ 5.99 to $ 12.99 per month.

For this a new app was created SoundCloud Pulse for iOS is Android born as a compendium of the main app.Pulse allow you to reply to or delete comments, publish new material, get information about listening, follow or block users.

SoundCloud can not yet be a competitor Spotify, but a convenient way to immerse yourself in the underground music scene. It is very interesting for some musical genres, such as EDM, due to its independent nature.


Deezer among the first services in the world of music streaming, with 26 million users in over 180 countries, it wants to retrace the road of competitor Spotify, to finance through the advertising of music tracks, offering them free to web users. We have already talked about Deezer in this article in more depth.

streaming music deezerDeezer a cross-platform service, available for PC, tablet is smartphonewith different modes and prices and compatible with the versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Totally free registration for the service, favored by the presence of commercials that allow free and unlimited music to be stored on computers and tablets, but soltantodalweb.

If you prefer a service without advertising, you must activate the payment form and the cost of the Deezer Premium + Italy subscription of 12.99 euros per month, with the possibility to try it for 30 days for free. Deezer Premium also allows you to activate the "offline" mode, very useful on air or abroad, because it does not require internet connection.

Not just music streaming. In this other guide you will discover how to download free music from the internet