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The 20 years of the young Tucano

It will be that Tucano is twenty years old, it will be that the proudly Italian and Milanese company will be the fashion week in Milan … in short, Tucano launches a clothing line on this occasion.

It was born in 1985 when breakdance arrived in Italy and in 2005 celebrated the first twenty years of success in a Milanese venue … to the rhythm of the same dance, enriched by the Tucano accessories worn by the dancers who enliven the evening.

From early technical bags to specialization in laptop bags and computer accessories. Tucano quickly became a market leader in Italy, successfully presenting its products in the main computer shops and IT chains, in large-scale distribution and in the consumer electronics channel.

Italian design (Roberto Paoli, portrayed in the last photo with dark jacket and light blue shirt), quality and ingenuity are the foundations of Tucano, now the list of this company offers from notebook bags, core-business of the company, to the sought after camera bags passing through the cases dedicated to the iPod and the MP3 players in general, without forgetting the CD racks, mousepads and accessories for the mobile.

Franco Luini (portrayed in the last photo with a white shirt, in front of a historic Tucano bag for Macintosh), Tucano's managing director, welcomed the Italian press, retailers, agents and the whole company to blow out twenty candles and extract from fate gifts.

The promise to continue to work well by evolving the current products (which are called Second Skin, Rapida, Alba, Domina, Plana, Neo Camera Bag and others) but to debut on new foreign markets, where Italian design is highly appreciated. The novelty is the debut with some items of clothing, albeit closely linked to commonly used technological products … first and foremost the iPod.

Greetings Tucano!