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The 10 best systems for creating Chatbots for business

Everyone knows Facebook Messenger, but there are many chatbot solutions that can be useful to the business. Here are the top 10 chatbots of the best.

Chatbots are a rapidly growing trend and more and more brands are developing this type of technology, improving it and integrating it into existing chat systems. Big names like Facebook and Telegram have already worked to make their own chatbots and their platforms. But the top 10 chatbot includes other interesting solutions.

Here are the top 10 best systems for creating chatbots for busienss

ChattyPeopleChattypeople the best platform for creating an artificial intelligence chatbot on Facebook for commerce integrated to the social network. With Chattypeople it is possible to create a quick and simple Facebook message, without the need for coding. The simplicity of the platform makes it ideal for entrepreneurs and marketing experts, particularly in small companies, despite the fact that its technology makes it perfectly suited to business customers. It is possible to create a bot that can respond to customers or integrate it into Shopify to monetize Facebook Pages. ChattyPeople where lf-commerce and I-commerce meet, and for free.

MEOKAYMEOKAY one of the best tools to create a conversation bot via Messenger. easy for both qualified developers and non-developers, who can create a series of easy-to-follow steps. In minutes, you can create both conversation scenarios and build advanced dialogues.

SmoochSmooch acts as a chatbot connector that enriches business applications (such as Slack and Zendesk) with everyday messaging applications (such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, …). It connects applications together by sending all Messenger chat notifications directly to business applications, simplifying conversations by merging them into one application. This can enable the creation of automated workflows and communication. These same connectors allow you to create chatbots that will respond to chats with customers.

BotsifyBotsify another chatbot platform for Facebook that helps make it easier to integrate chatbot into the system. It works through a paid subscription and a process that takes place in five simple steps: 1) Access the botsify.com2 site) Connect with your Facebook account3) Set up a webhook4) Write the commands for the chatbot you are creating5) Botisfy manage from now on customer service. If the paid services were too expensive, the company also offers a free service that allows you to create all kinds of bots that your imagination can dream of.

Beep BoopIf you are looking for another paid platform, Beep Boop may be for you. It is a hosting platform that is designed for developers looking to create specific applications for Facebook Messenger and Slack. First, you'll need to set the code using Github, then insert it into the Beep Boop platform to connect it to your Facebook Messenger or Slack. Bots will then be able to interact with customers via real-time chat and messaging.

ChatfuelChatfuel makes it easy for you to create your chatbot for Facebook and Telegram even if you have no coding experience. It works by allowing users to link to external sources via plugins. Finally, the platforms hope to open up to third-party plugins, so anyone can contribute their own plugins, allowing others to benefit from them.

Facebook Messenger Have you recently looked at the official Facebook Messenger page? If you still don't know, you can finally start building your bot directly on the landing page of the platform. This method turns out to be a bit more complicated than the other ways we have illustrated so far, but Facebook Messenger provides many resources to help you make your chatbot.

Telegram BotsFinally it is possible to build a bot directly from one of the best existing messaging applications. By building a chatbot via Telegram you can then run a bot in the application itself. Recently the company has made its chatbot code open-source, making it easier for third parties to integrate and create their own bots. The Telegram API program can send customized notifications, news, reminders or notices. It is also possible to integrate the API with other popular applications such as YouTube and Github for a unique customer experience.

BotKitA toolkit can be an integral part of starting a chatbot, and so BotKit works. The platform helps developers by creating bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio and others. BotKit can be used to create smart applications, conversations that simulate human speech. This essential detail differentiates it from other chatbot toolkits.

FlowXOLast but not least, here is FlowXO which creates bots for Messenger, Slack, SMS, Telegraph and the web. This platform allows you to create different flexibility in bots giving the possibility to create a fully automated, human or hybrid bot of both.

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