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Targus improves the sound of the iPod

Targus improves the sound of the iPod logomacitynet1200wide 1

Targus, a rather well-known company in Italy for products and accessories for portable devices, has recently announced SoundUP, an ?add on? for iPod that can improve the sound of the digital music player.

SoundUP employs a Phantom Technologies circuit whose purpose is to increase the fidelity of the cazones by separating and reprocessing the files, giving effects of "three-dimensional" audio. Thanks to a SoundUP, says Targus, you get more substantial tones and spatial orientation, obviating some limitations of digital audio compression.

The accessory is located at the top of the iPod, it is powered by the iPod itself and the headphones are connected directly to it.

At the moment SoundUP is not present in the catalog of the Italian website of Targus. In the US, where it is listed as "coming soon" it is priced at $ 39.99.

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