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Suav: Q the solar-powered drone that becomes both a helicopter and an airplane

Suav: Q a solar-powered drone capable of switching from helicopter mode to aircraft mode, extending the flight time.

The Solar Unmanned Air Vehicle: Quad – Suav: Q -, so called the drone, takes off vertically and develops with a wingspan of six feet in flight.

long been that engineers who are employed in the design of drones are studying media capable of rise up like helicopters, means that can count on same horizontal thrust as an airplane, but obviously these are difficult to implement devices. Some successful specimens were the AV-8 Harrier and V-22 Osprey, equipped with a downward push angle for take-off and then rear during flight. Researchers at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis are building a drone that is transformed in a similar way, but which is equipped with solar panels to prolong its use.Suav: Q it needs to be large to carry its multispectral camera capable of measuring crop health and to provide the flat space needed for solar cells, but more, the wings can be folded to fit the back of a pick up. The extension of the flight time should make it possible for the farmers to apply to the field, for example, for aerial survey of their land, identifying the points to irrigate or fertilize. Unfortunately there are no SUAV videos: Q while he is flying or while turns into an airplane, at the moment we can only assume that it is still the test phase for the aircraft. Extending flight time remains a goal that all drone manufacturers seek to achieve.