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Streaming video, here are the apps that pull the most

In the European ranking by App Annie exclusively for WIred, no made in Italy apps appear

(Photo: App Annie)(Source: App Annie)

Even in mobile video streaming, Italy back: word from App Annie. The company, which has dedicated itself for years to analyzing the market of apps on Android and iOS (and soon also on Windows Phone), has compiled exclusively for Wired a ranking of the 10 most downloaded video streaming apps (and another of the 10 most profitable) in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Result: when it comes to watching videos on the move, the rest of us are still at the cathode ray tube age.

In the first place of the most downloaded apps, we obviously find YouTube, which offers the largest catalog of content free of charge. The app remains a must have on both Android devices (where it is actually pre-installed) and Apple devices. Another American reality follows in second position, Netflix: download here for free, but the contents are not. It is surprising, however, that the online video distribution giant is already doing so well to place itself so high in a ranking that includes countries where the service is not even active.

Lower down spopolail United Kingdom (BBC leinglesi and ITV Occupy 4 positions in the top 10), while the other rankings are split between the French broadcaster M6 and the German RTL and 7TV. The only app that could have benefited from some local downloads Sky Go, in eighth place.

Considering the most profitable apps, the discussion changes little. Google and Netflix disappear to leave the Stars and Stripes flag in the hands of the National Football League; Sky appears in first place; the United Kingdom loses weight in favor of the rest of Europe – above all Germany.

And U.S? Perhaps the internet penetration below the European average affects our results. Or simply the mobile offer of apps and video content in Italian not exciting, and so it is worth to limit yourself to YouTube and little else.

Among the apps that include streaming video, the most downloaded by us are Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere della Sera and La Stampa: however, they do not fall within the parameters of consideration of the classification because they do not offer direct streaming of events or TV channels and entire episodes of TV series demand.


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