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State of the Internet: web, e-commerce and social network users in 2016

Some data on 2016 from the point of view of the Internet and social network users. These increasingly important channels have grown.

#ARUBAIT, the column created in collaboration with on the most interesting trends in the world of technology, the web and social network users

by Franz Russo

Let's try to indicate some data on what was 2016 from the point of view of the Internet and social network users. Let's look at how these channels, increasingly important for communicating, have grown in terms of users. a way to better understand how the web and social media are increasingly becoming part of our lives. The data collected gives us the opportunity to understand how Italians use these tools and, consequently, how companies could draw some useful indications, especially in the perspective of optimize their strategy and reach more social network users

The element that is often missing in corporate strategies aimed at exploiting digital channels to better communicate that of the Report, especially from the point of view of quality. The latest research by SocialMediAbility 2016, conducted by the IULM Social Media Observatory, revealed precisely this lack that eventually also reflected in the poor channel care and poor quality of content.

Let's start by saying that today I am 3 out of 4 Italians who have access to the network, or 73% of the population. A figure that translated in numerical terms would give us something like 40 million Italians.

Social network users in Italy in 2016

Among the most used social media, with more social network users, Even in 2016, Facebook remains the favorite of Italians. I am little more than 28 million registered users in Italy and they are much more than 21 million users accessing it from mobile, everyday. The Censis 2016 data show that Italians on Facebook are practically 56% and 89.3% among the youngest user groups.

After Facebook, the most used platform in Italy YouTube with 27 million registered users, much used by young people. We arrive at 73.9% in the age group of 14-29 years.

2016, the year of Instagram

We can safely say that 2016 was the year of Instagram in Italy, without exaggerating. The platform owned by Facebook since 2012, during these months has introduced several new features that have found positive feedback on the Italian user base. User base that grew to reach, to date, to be of 9 million, a very interesting number that makes the platform the phenomenon to be observed also in 2017. Instagram, like Facebook, will focus a lot on live videos during this year, proof of the snarco also in Italy of the Live mode that is activated by the Instagram feature Stories.

LinkendIN users in Italy

Other platform that travels on 9 million users in Italy LinkedIn, the social "business" network that sees over 140,000 Italian companies and over 200 universities registered. The only peculiarity that LinkedIn has been carrying with it for some time now is that if we look at the number of users who actively use it, then the figure drops to 25% of the total. That is to say that out of 9 million active users would be 2,250,000.

Twitter users in Italy in 2016

The social that suffers overtaking both by Instagram and by LinkedIn Twitter, the 140-character platform for which 2016 the year to forget. From this point of view there are no reliable data, but it can be said that Twitter has one in Italy base of around 8 million users. The Censis data tells us that from the point of view of use, the real weak point of the platform, the 140-character platform used by 11.2% of Italians around 4.4 million and that reaches 24% among the youngest.

According to some data, the Italian market, from the point of view of the growth of Social Media, will increase in 2017 by 2.6% with an overall active population of 24 million Italians.

WhatsApp users in Italy

Keep in mind the big one success that in Italy collects WhatsApp, an instant messaging application used by 61.3% of Italians, with percentages of 89.4% among the youngest.

Ecommerce data in Italy

Another phenomenon that increasingly affects Italian users, and that is growing at a high rate all in all, le-commerce. It must be said that the Italian phenomenon is still rather slow compared to other European countries. It is indeed a overall penetration of the phenomenon in Italy by 5%, little compared to 15% in the United Kingdom. A figure that does not excite for sure (only 0.7% in one year), but the positive fact that there are large margins for growth

The overall market value in Italy now close to 20 billion euros, 19.8 billion for accuracy, in 18% growth compared to the previous year, and I am 13 million users who make online purchases on a regular basis (it reaches 19 million users among those who make at least one purchase a year). The sectors that drive sales are tourism, then furniture, food and clothing, IT and electronics.

Mobile Users

The development of the phenomenon in Italy pass from the mobile, in fact, from the point of view of mobile commerce, our country is one of the leaders in Europe. On the total, the use of the smartphone weighs 15% on the mobile total of 24%. A recent ING survey found that in Europe, in 2016, 66% of mobile users made purchases online from mobile devices, an increase from 58% recorded in 2015. In Italy instead the figure found that 69% of mobile users made purchases online, like Poland. In the United Kingdom, for example, the figure of 65%, in France and the Netherlands 58%.

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