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Root permissions on Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F

Here's how to get i Root permissions on Galaxy S5 Neo, model SM-G903F (European version) and SM-G903M (Latin American version). The simple thing about this method to get the root permissions that is used CF-Auto Root, tool developed by Chainfire that proved to be very easy to use to get root permissions on many devices. This release technique was already tested and worked well on the recent Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, running on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, since its release. You may also be interested in how to update Android Marshmallow on Galaxy S5 Neo.

samsung-galaxy-s5-neo "width =" 500 "height =" 251 "srcset =" // 500w, // 150w, // -galaxy-s5-neo-300x151.jpg 300w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px "/> Be careful because unlocking the rootpu will void the device warranty and there are some precautions that you need to be aware of Here are some warnings that you may find useful to get root permissions on the Galaxy S5 Neo: these are just some of the few essential things you need to consider, but there are also many advantages, I suggest you read this article to find 10 valid reasons to get root.</p><div class=

Disadvantages of Root Permissions on Galaxy S5 Neo:

  • You can void the warranty on your Galaxy S5 Neo.
  • It alters the protection system of Samsung (contatoreKnox) ??of the Galaxy S5 Neo and it does not even restore the status of this counter.
  • The device will not be able to receive OTA updates unless you unroot on the Galaxy S5 Neo by restoring the stock firmware.


  • Fully charge your Galaxy S5 Neo before starting the procedure.
  • Make a backup of all important data stored in the phone memory such as contacts, photos, videos, messages and so on.
  • Enable the voice OEM release going inSettings –> Developer Options –> Enable OEM unlocking. If not present the menuDeveloper options, go toSettings ->Device Infoand click 7 times in a row onBuild Number.
  • Use a PC with Windows installed because this process does not work on Mac.
  • Use the USB data cable supplied with your Galaxy S5 Neo to connect it to your PC.


Download the latest version ofodin3(CF-Auto-Root has already included it, but if it doesn't work you can use this link). Install Kies or Smart Switch for PC to get Samsung USB drivers ..

Download CF-Auto-Root compatible with your Galaxy S5 NEO model. To check the model number of the Galaxy S5 Neo, simply click onSettings -> Device Info, then check if you have the SM-G903F or SM-G903M model.

Root Permit Procedure on Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F and SM-G903M

  • Extract the downloaded file for SM-G903F or for SM-G903M in order to get the file to get root permissions and the toolOdin.
  • Run Odin3_v3.10.6,click on the button AP and in the folder in which the files were extracted. If you have the Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F variant, just load CF-Auto-Root-s5neolte-s5neoltexx-smg903f.tar.md5. -Root-s5neolte-s5neolteub-smg903m.tar.md5 in the boxAP.
  • Odin3-v3.09 "width =" 500 "height =" 368 "srcset =" // 500w, // www. 150w, // .jpg 300w, // 80w, // /Odin3-v3.09-198x145.jpg 198w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px "/> Restart the Galaxy S5 Neo in download mode. To do this, turn off the device, then press and hold down the keys <strong>Volume Gi</strong> +<strong>Home button</strong> + the <strong>Power button</strong> at the same time. Then press the button <strong>Volume Up</strong> until you reach the download screen.</li>
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