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Record for QuickTime

Record for QuickTime

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Often, speaking of web servers and proposed services we speak of thousands of contemporary users, thousands of pages and queries to which it is possible to respond with a product instead of another, however often then the reality of the network reports on the earth who sells 'incredible performance. QuickTime this time demonstrates its qualities on the field: on the occasion of the Reading Festival, broadcast the event live for 24 hours using Apple technology, totaling an incredible 96.471 spectators, with an average of 13 minutes of head connection. The network of Akamai servers has held up well to the impact of visitors and the company that proposed the event, besides repeating other events in the coming days, has declared that they will never return with Real technologies given the amazing results of QuickTime. the usual consideration remains: it is clear that QuickTime will be the technology that makes the difference in the near future.

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