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Paid YouTube: $ 35 a month for YouTube TV

Paid YouTube: YouTube TV a service that will cost $ 35 a month and will run in packets, will show common TV and networks that broadcast via cable.

YouTube GoPaid YouTube, who would have ever said. YouTube has always been the place where you can see (or review) almost everything you wanted, and for free. Now for a paid YouTube a reality. video-social aims even higher, or wants to sell television packages. YouTube TV a service that will cost $ 35 a month and will work in packets, which will offer viewing options not only of common TV channels, but also of some networks that broadcast exclusively via cable.

Paid YouTube for $ 35 a month

YouTube has announced that the service will come provided through an independent platform which will be launched by the end of spring. Moreover it will be also separated from YouTube Red, the subscription-free service that the company launched last year, but which was not very successful.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV precede the mobile, that is, the company expects that the greatest use will be made by telephone, while offering the possibility of watching content via traditional laptops and televisions, via Google's Chromecast. As with other giants of digital television, YouTube TV will not offer any network providing cable television services; will instead be characterized by a "Light package", consisting of four transmission networks – FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC – together with some of the cable channels relating to broadcasters. Which means being able to look also Fox News, ESPN and Bravo. YouTube executives say that the basic package will include about thirty channels.

YouTube TV will complete the digital TV services launched over the past few years by Dish Networks, Sony and AT&T. The service will distinguish itself from competitors because it will include cable broadcast channels such as ESPN, ABC (both from Disney), but does not include any network owned by those who work exclusively for payment, such as Viacom, AMC or Time Warner.

What YouTube is really pushing for the idea that while having the same programming as its competitors, it will offer a better service. Neal Mohan, head of YouTube TV, focused on three main points: A cloud DVR with unlimited storage space, already included in the basic package. A system powered by Google AI. "Reliability and scalability" a reminder to competitors and numerous inefficiencies in which they often incur in service demand.

YouTube TV has a base price of $ 35, entering exactly the same band as its competitors. Depending on your personal preferences you can personalize your subscription, adding or replacing some channels. It is necessary to remember that all digital TVs still have coverage problems and that some sporting events are often transmitted with exclusive license agreements. As for prices, instead, the current rates seem that they will not allow YouTube TV to get big profits, but nevertheless the company aims to expand the user base, even if it does not go in surplus. YouTube has been offering an archive for years unthinkable of contents, unimaginable only ten years ago, but society has been able to make inroads in the popular conscience. One thing is certain: the long cold war between the Google site and the competitors of the great American television stations has enlivened the sector, reinvigorating even pay-TV, unexpectedly, considering how much it had gone into decline some years ago.