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Minube, the app that organizes travel photos

The new function of the app allows you to recognize the images of the places visited and to collect them in convenient albums

(Photo: Minube)(Photo: Minube)

Once, in the analogue era, we had at most 36 photos in the roll. We often made them enough for a whole holiday and when we got home it was easy to keep them in order (there were those wonderful plastic photo albums). With smartphones constantly in hand instead chaos: we take 700 photos in three days every time we leave even for a trip, and then you want to remember where you were at that time l.

To give a logic to the amount of holiday shots, he thinks the new version of Minube, fresh for updating and available for iOS and Android. The app, dedicated to organizing trips with reservations, tips, etc., now has a function that allows you to recognize places portrayed in the photos (for example through geolocation information), organizing them in interactive albums with dates and maps, which can be modified, commented and customized as desired. And of course you can also decide what to share with other users and what to keep for yourself.


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