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Mactorola: here are the photos and the official specifications

Although for now we are not yet officially, if anything, there is some fact for the Mactorola: the first public images and some technical details. To bring out the site of the FCC, the federal commission for telecommunications, a body with which the telephone was recently registered.

The operation, mandatory to obtain marketing authorization, has brought to light some of the specifications of the phone that comes from the collaboration between Motorola and Apple.

Among the most important and not yet known facts, the quadriband capabilities, which makes the phone compatible with the European networks (800 and 900 MHz) and the US ones (850 and 1800 MHz). It is possible that the phone is also compatible with EDGE, which is mentioned in one part of the manual.

The iTunes interface looks very similar to the one shown by some previewed photos on different sites in the past weeks: four icons represent as many buttons (play, fast forward or next track, fast backward or previous track, and iTunes launch); an iTunes menu has directions for playslists, selection by artist, song title, album, and random selection.

The case, as seen in the photo published here on the side and taken from the site of the FCC, identical to that of the E398 model from which it differs for the button for launching iTunes. The phone, which also has an integrated digital camera, will be marketed (at least in the US) as E790.

Among other details: stereo speaker on both sides of the phone, Bluetooth connectivity (presumably usable for transferring songs from a PC), micro SD card (Transflash).

According to some sources, the phone should have appeared at the V Festival, which was held last week in England. The forecast did not prove to be correct, but in any case it should not delay much longer. According to Ed Zander, CEO of Motorola, the launch will take place by the end of September.