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KingRoot download to get root permissions without Pc

KingRoot download

KingRoot an exceptional tool that allows, even to the most "lazy" people who do not want to flash third-party recovery on their Android device, to obtain root permissions without a PC with a simple procedure on your smartphone. This tool is one of the most famous tools in China for obtaining root permissions and so far it was only available in Chinese, but now available in English, completely free and without advertising. In this guide we will see how to do the KingRoot download, how to install the app and which Android devices are compatible with this tool.

KingRoot download for Android devices

If you searched for this guide, because you know what it means to get root permissions on an Android device and what you can do with them. For more information on this topic, I suggest you read our article on Android Root permissions and what the risks and possibilities are.

Of the tool Kingroot two versions are available:

  • A mobile version (APK file for Android) that lets you get root permissions with a single click directly from your mobile device.
  • A version for Windows PC, which allows you to obtain root permissions in cases where it is not possible to do so directly from the Android device.

The version of KingRoot proposed in this article (the one you will install on your Android device) in English and the latest version can be downloaded for free from the official website by accessingthis link. You will not find this app on the Play Store but you will need to download it from the site in the APK format. Download the KingRoot app on your device, read on and see how to download it and install KingRoot on your smartphone.

How to use KingRoot on Android devices

Step 1: Download the tool on the phone from the previous link by going to the official page and then clicking on Download latest KingRoot (APK). You will always find the latest version.

Step 2: After the KingRoot download is complete, click on the download notification. The app installation page will open.

KingRoot on Android devices

Step 3: If you can't install the app, you most likely haven't enabled the ability to install apps outside of the Play Store. To solve this problem go in Settings -> Security and enables the voice Unknown Sources. After enabling this item, look for the previously downloaded KingRoot file and select it to start the installation.

Unknown sources Android

Step 4: On the app installation screen, click on "install"To start the installation. At the end, click on the "You open"To start using KingRoot.

install Kingroot

Step 5: Click on "try it"To enter the main interface, and click on"get now?To start the Root procedure.

root permissions with Kingroot

Step 6: When the process is completed, after you return to the main screen, the root permissions will be activated.

Kingroot on smartphone

Step 7: Now you can go to Google Play and download Root Checker to check that the root procedure has been successful, as in the following figure.

root permissions with Kingroot

KingRoot compatibility

KingRoot compatible with many Android devices and with different versions of Google's operating system, but does not have full coverage. Let's see in particular with which smartphones compatible KingRoot. The Android versions on which you can install KingRoot are all versions from Android 2.2 on.

There are many compatible smartphones including: Samsung, Google / Nexus, HTC, ZTE, SONY, LG, Xiaomi and Huawei. For the updated list of all compatible models, I suggest you read this list.

Good news for device owners with Android 7.0. There are more and more smartphone models with Android 7.0 installed that can be used KingRoot. This is the best application to get root permissions with a click on Android devices, just do KingRoot download, install it and press a button to pop up the root.

There are other methods to obtain root permissions, but most of them void the warranty. In this guide you will be able to see how to get root without losing the warranty.

In this article you will discover the best apps that allow you to get root permissions without Pc.