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iTunes on the Nokia N91, rumors immediately denied

The rumor spread that a new model of smartphone with a hard disk from Nokia, the N91 presented this spring, would support Apple's music service, the iTunes Music Store.

As written by the Finnish telecommunications specialist Taloussanomat, it was denied by Nokia that, as we have known for six months, signed an agreement with Microsoft to install the Win Media music player on mobile phones with multimedia capabilities.

Nokia, while confirming the (non-exclusive) agreement with the Redmond giant, explained that the new generation smartphones were designed to allow software developers to produce applications that take advantage of the iTunes service. "There is no commercial agreement between Nokia and Apple to integrate iTunes into N series products," said Nokia's spokesman, Kari Tuutti.

By the end of September, Motorola's smartphones with integrated iTunes will be unveiled, as promised jointly by Apple and Motorola a few weeks ago.

The Nokia N91 is a 3G / Wi-Fi mobile phone with a 4 GB memory, probably a Microdrive, that will be on the markets at the end of the year and will be able to read music files (Nokia ne 3,000) and MP3, M4A, AAC and WMA.