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iTunes 6, video is not for everyone

Much smoke and little roast on the videos to buy on iTunes 6, at least for us Italians (but in good and rich company).

Apple yesterday announced the iPod with video features, iTunes 6 that handles them in every respect in addition to the new iMacs.

But let's first read Apple's official statement on the subject, here it is below.

Apple today announced iTunes 6, the next generation of the world's most popular jukebox and online music store. iTunes 6 allows users to purchase and download over 2,000 music videos and six short films from the Academy Award-winning Pixar Animation Studios for just $ 1.99 each. Moreover, thanks to an important agreement with Disney, iTunes now offers current and past episodes of two of the most famous television programs, "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" as well as the new drama series "Night Stalker" and the two most popular shows of Disney Channel, "That's So Raven" and "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" for the price of just $ 1.99 per episode. Customers can now buy and download their favorite programs from iTunes the day after they went on TV, watch them on their Mac or PC, and sync them with Auto-Sync with the new iPod to be able to see them anywhere. the video what we did for music, we are making it easy and economically affordable to buy and download and view on your computers, as well as the ability to take it with you on your iPods, "said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO . "From the start we offer 2000 music videos, short Pixar movies and famous prime-time TV shows such as" Desperate Housewives "and" Lost. "For the first time in the world, prime-time television programs can be purchased online the day after being shown on TV, "said Robert Iger, CEO of Walt Disney Company. "We are happy to work with Don Apple to offer fans a new and innovative way to enjoy our most popular series, such as" Desperate Housewives "," Lost "and" That's So Raven "." Apple is giving music lovers a great way to own your favorite music videos, "said Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M. "People at Apple fully understand the interaction between musicians and their audience." Exclusive music videos are available from artists such as Beastie Boys and U2 along with over two dozen classic music videos of Madonna. Music videos from hundreds of artists are available, including classic hits from Michael Jackson and Sting and current hits from Coldplay and Kanye West. The first ever iTunes Originals video is released with an exclusive performance and an interview by Death Cab for Cutie along with an exclusive Brazilian Girls video album. Music lovers can also purchase the "Complete Stevie Wonder" digital box, which contains over 500 songs, a digital color booklet and three video bonuses, available exclusively on the iTunes Music Store. The short films made available by Pixar include "Boundin '", "For the Birds", "Geri's Game", "Luxo Jr.", "Red's Dream" and "Tin Toy". New features in iTunes 6 include more extensive options for the free online certificates that now allow the user to give specific songs, albums, music videos or their own iTunes playlist to anyone with an email address, a public beta of the new personalized musical suggestions "Just for You" and the debut of online reviews of users. Now over 10 million iTunes music lovers can read reviews from other users, post their own and judge their usefulness. Prices and Availability Television programs are only available in the United States and video availability varies from country to country. In the United States, music videos and short films cost $ 1.99 each.

So, with the exception of all the nations except the United States, the TV series, or more generally the TV shows, are not intended for the other nineteen countries where the iTunes Music Store is currently present (perhaps a revision to the name is necessary since yesterday also sells videos?).

If this was predictable for complex systems of delayed distribution of television series that, at least, in third countries to the US arrive at least six months after the landing in their native land, it is curious to note that, at least for now, no agreements have been launched to distribute at least the series already present (and dubbed in the local language) in the various countries.

To take an example, we see the first series of Desperate Housewives for several months on satellite pay-TV and from a few weeks on the state-owned one in the clear for all. Why, at least gradually, bet for episode, don't think about releasing the episodes already broadcast on iTunes? Hope in the future, however.

But outside of the so-called TV Shows, the video situation to buy on iTunes?

As many as twelve of iTMS's twenty nations cannot yet have any video purchases of any kind.

The pages of the Music Store of the various countries (note that with the right mouse button now every banner or song immediately becomes a link to copy and paste elsewhere) are still incomplete and often show banner spaces of still empty videos waiting for news more fresh.

They are not only incomplete but too optimistic because they show, as you can see from the side, a space that is currently unbridgeable, the boxes for top videos are already ready, or rather the best sellers, too bad that these nations, including Italy, cannot buy video from Apple.

Twelve countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Holland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and finally Italy cannot download any short films for a fee the six available from Pixar (the other company of Steve Jobs), these are for sale in the USA for $ 1.99 each, in Great Britain for 1.89 pounds each, in Luxembourg for 2.49 euros l 'one, in Japan for 300 yen each (despite a wrong indication "by songs only" which we suppose will be quickly corrected), in Ireland for 2.49 euros each as well as in France and Germany while in Canada for 2, 29 Canadian dollars each.

The music videos of the artists (still not many) are available for purchase only in the USA, UK, Luxembourg, Japan, Ireland, France, Germany and Canada with the same prices already mentioned for Pixar's short films.

It is very unfortunate to us Italians not to be able to enjoy music videos and especially short films (fabulous, ed) by Pixar, like at least other European nations, in fact at least for Steve Jobs' second company Apple could have worked with more synergy, we are sure the CEO of both companies, if he had a special focus on the twelve missing nations, the video launch project could have started on all twenty nations.

With the opportunity of this overview we note with pleasure that the local ITMS localization project continues, now there are versions in French (for France), German (for Germany), Italian (for Italy and Switzerland) and Spanish (for Spain) while for the remaining (why the Austrians are asked), mother tongue or not, everything works in English.

Below we summarize the video situation in the twenty countries covered by the iTMS service, dated October 12, or the birth day of the iPod that supports the video and then with an iTunes that begins to market these digitized files.