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iTunes, 10 apps that you need to download right away

From Storehouse to Toca Lab here are the US blockbusters that we struggle to take off

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You want to say that the whole world country, that digital has flattened cultures making all countries the same thing. Not only not true but the beauty that even a brand highly standardized like Apple it has local specificities that many don't even imagine.

Get the apps. At the end of 2014 the charts came out with the best of iTunes and between us and the United States there is a abyss. Apart from the apps related to the language or to local subjects such as newspapers and news sites, in the Italian ranking there are so many gems that have experienced a real boom overseas.

Difficult to know the reason for this gap, but the US rankings somehow reflect the leapp that will come, those that here in Italy maybe will be downloaded in bulk in a few months. That's why we've compiled a list of the top ten. Thus, when the Italic people know about it, you can say in a professorial tone Ah, va b, I had it already.


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