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Independent or institutional podcasting with the arrival of Bush?

US President George W. Bush will speak to his fellow citizens every Saturday morning also through iTunes.

The "radio address" is the communications that traditionally in the United States the president, directly with his own voice, makes to all the listeners of the public radio every Saturday morning, for some time the White House has been issuing speeches also through its website, also adding useful RSS feeds in English and Spanish (the second US language by now).

With the support of podcasting in iTunes 4.9 Apple has multiplied the interest that gravitates around this method of free communication (or waiting to be regulated, at least as regards the dissemination of music covered by copyright): who wants to participate, there seems to be no limitation whatsoever, if not good taste.

We cannot say that podcasting is the only free and independent voice of those who want to challenge themselves, the great operators of communication have also thrown themselves into the fray and already in iTunes there are interviews, news, insights of various operators already known through other channels such as TV, radio, newspapers, Internet, etc. And what is more institutional than the communications of the president of a nation?

Now even the "radio addresses" (and other speeches on specific topics) are available on iTunes, currently not only Bush's latest speeches are ready but all those made in 2005 in MP3 (stereo @ 22.050 KHz, converted by a dozen employees in Washington offices).