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In March the VGS trial

In March the process for the VGS

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The date of the first Sony trial against Connectix has been set. The trial in court took place next March in front of the San Francisco district court. When the trial opens it will be a matter of deciding whether Connectix has violated Sony's trade secrets with its Virtual Game Station and whether it has illegally challenged the electronics giant on the market. The two charges are all that remains of nine that were originally presented by Sony lawyers. Seven of these were discontinued because they were deemed unacceptable, a decision that was interpreted by someone as a first Connectix victory.

A second trial, which should be established on the basis of a second charge, could start after the first. Sony has indeed accused Connectix of having used intellectual property of Sony itself during its reverse engineering process.

This second legal comparison, according to some experts in the sector, would be a sort of parachute in the event that the first trial should see Connectix win. If, on the other hand, Sony were to convince the judge that Connectix actually committed illegal acts with the release of VGS since March, then most likely his lawyers would withdraw the papers.

In reality it seems to be possible to say that with the postponement of the first trial to the next spring, Sony's real enemy could be time. For that date the PSX will no longer be for sale, replaced by the PSX 2. Although it is clear that the case concerns questions of principle (Sony obviously wants to set a precedent to prevent other manufacturers from following Connectix's steps in the future) it is difficult for the judge does not take into consideration this aspect beyond the American law that allows to implement initiatives such as those put in place by the Californian company for the construction of emulators and clones, provided that the industrial secrets of the legitimate owners are not violated. Going back over the years, on the other hand, Compaq produced the first PC clone by implementing a reverse engineering process on IBM computer ROMs …

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