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iKitty: makes your iPod more "feline"

iKitty: makes your iPod more "feline" logomacitynet1200wide 1

The success of the likeable iGuy of Speck Products that added lower and upper limbs to Apple's iPods making them look like the characters of Monsters Inc and ushering in a new way to protect them and make them pose now has a following.

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In recent days, iKitty has been presented which presents the same ease of use and added value for feline friends.

Two nice ears, a tail around which to wrap the wire of the headphones, the removable screen protector, the stable feet, the possibility of recharging without removing the new livery are among the characteristics of an unusual case suitable for third-party iPods and fourth generation and to iPod photos.

The public cost of this found $ 35 and on the pages of Speck you can find some nice poses of what is defined as "the purrfect iPod pet for people who can't get to real cat": be careful not to place it too close to the your mouse!

Meanwhile, the imagination of the buyers of the predecessor, iGuy, was unleashed: try to visit the hilarious gallery of images that you find on Speck's website.

Speck products are distributed in Italy by American Dataline

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