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How to send and receive WhatsApp messages on Mac

About 64 billion messages are exchanged on WhatsApp every day, which makes the instant messaging platform the most popular in the world. WhatsApp available for download only for smartphones (if you have an Android tablet, you can read our guide to install the app) but if you have a Mac, you asked yourself if you want to access WhatsApp messages on Mac?

What happens if you want to use WhatsApp on Mac to respond to messages that arrive on your iPhone or Android smartphone? Is there a way to do it? There are different ways to access WhatsApp on Mac and here we go to see the best options.

WhatsApp on MacBefore continuing with this guide, we will clarify that there is no way to run WhatsApp natively on Mac, so you need to have WhatsApp activated on a smartphone using your mobile number to get the initial signal and, as far as we know, there is no iOS emulator available for Mac users. In this article we explain how to access, transmit and receive WhatsApp messages via your Mac.

How to get WhatsApp on Mac: WhatsApp Web

Apple introduced the Messages application with the release of OS X Mountain Lion, bringing much convenience to iOS users, because it offered them the ability to send and receive messages with iMessage (and later also SMS) via the Mac. This means that users can quickly reply to messages and execute what they did before on the iPhone Messages app, as well as being able to type longer and faster messages. The Mac Messages app allows you to also integrate external services, but it does not allow the use of the most popular instant messaging platform, WhatsApp.

As we all know, WhatsApp has the variant for PC and Mac, even if not in the form of an app. WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp Web in January 2015 and allows users to access a website from any PC and Mac by giving them the ability to access their WhatsApp messages. fully supported by Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox, but does not offer official support for those using Safari – even if it works, with only a few missing features.

Accessing the site WhatsApp Web on Chrome, Opera or Firefox, you are able to connect quickly scanning a QR code that appears on the screen through the WhatsApp app, and you will have access to all the WhatsApp conversations available on your smartphone. Besides this, you can send and receive files, participate in group chats, send and receive voice notes and even receive notifications whenever you receive a new message. If you access WhatsApp Web via Safari, you will have access to all the above features, as well as support for push notifications and recording of voice notes (and you can also listen to them).

How to get WhatsApp on Mac: third-party WhatsApp Web Mac app

Assuming that the WhatsApp Web site offers an exceptional service, we would prefer a WhatsApp web app that runs independently from the browser. For this reason some independent developers have worked to create a WhatsApp app to be installed on the Mac. For months I have been using a great third-party client of WhatsApp Web for Mac that offers push notifications, a clean graphical interface and regular updates. Moreover, very important feature, completely free. The application is called ChitChatbut you can't find it on the Mac App Store, because the developer has published the app (and its updates) onGitHub.

WhatsApp on MacOnce downloaded ChitChat on your Mac, open the application and go to the login menu to scan the QR Code. Simply open WhatsApp on your smartphone, go to the menu Settings and select WhatsApp Web. You can automate your smartphone's camera to scan the QR code on your Mac and synchronize the two applications. Once completed, you can send and receive messages via ChitChat, with the latest notifications appearing in your Mac's notification center.

As mentioned above, ChitChat a third-party application that repeats the WhatsApp Web site within an app, and as such all features are not supported. While you will be able to send and receive messages, view, download and send media files and even receive notifications, you are currently unable to record voice notes.