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How to remove the mshelper malware that reduces the Mac battery

Does your Mac overheat easily without an apparent reason? Does the battery seem to last less than usual? Your machine has unfortunately been hit by the new "mshelper" malware, which can significantly reduce the performance of Apple computers and prevent other software from working optimally due to the high CPU usage. Read on to find out how to check your presence on the Mac and how to remove the mshelper malware.

How to remove the mshelper malware that affects the performance of the Mac

remove mshelper malware

Who would have thought that Macs have also become vulnerable to malware attacks in recent years. Although Mac OS continues to have a very limited percentage compared to Windows, lately, malware designed to hit Apple computers has always become of pi. The latest threat from the Mac world represented by malwaremshelper, spread through a hidden download that installs it along with other applications. It is not clear where this malicious code comes from, but it is supposed to be an encryption software designed to undermine cryptocurrency on your computer without your knowledge.

I do not wish it, but if you fear that your Mac may have been infected by mshelper, fortunately, it is quite easy to identify and eliminate mshelper. You can check the presence of this new malware on your Apple computer by following these simple steps:

  • startsActivity Monitoringgoing in Applications> Utilities or by pressing the combination U on the keyboard;
  • click on the tab CPU, ordering the processes that make the most use through the label % CPU. You should see a list of all the apps and software running on your computer. Make sure they are organized based on the amount of resources they are using (% CPU). If present, mshelper should appear at the top of the list. If it is not displayed, you can also reorder the list by name in alphabetical order to verify that it is not really present. If you find it, then it means that your Mac has been infected by the fearsome malware.

If so, you will never be able to turn it off. As you will notice, forcing the process to stop not baster, as it will reboot itself. To remove it, you'll need to delete the following two files:

  1. / Library / LaunchDaemons /com.pplauncher.plist
  2. / Library / Application Support / pplauncher /pplauncher

Once the two files have been deleted, you can end the mshelper process from Activity Monitoring.

In all likelihood, Apple will add mshelper to the macOS blacklist to disable it, but the passages written above will allow you to solve the problem pending an official and definitive solution.

If you purchased a new Mac or installed a new version of OS X, this is the right time to check the settings for improve Mac security and data privacy. This aspect has become essential if you want to keep viruses and prying eyes away from your computer.