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How to install Android ROM with ADB Sideload

Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world and this has led many developers to create ROMs or modding to be installed on different smartphones and tablets. Day after day, this evolution has been carried out using the tools that Google has provided to all Android developers. Among these tools there is also a kit, called ADB Sideload, which allows you to create a connection between the computer and the Android device. Many Android users will certainly have heard of ADB, a tool to be used via the command line that helps establish a connection between the Android device and the PC, so that the app development and testing process can be easily performed. In this guide we also use it to install Android ROM, read on.

In this guide you will see how to use the tool from the command line ADB Sideload to install Android ROM on your device.

ADB Sideload

This procedure can be useful in different situations. For example when an update OTA been released for your device in a country other than Italy and you know it will be days, if not weeks, before it is even notified on your smartphone or tablet. What you could do to speed up the process, download the ROM via the manufacturer's website and then upgrade by taking advantage of the process ADBSideload. Another scenario in which sideload it can be useful the one in which your device in brick state and you have no way to load a new ROM to flash in the internal memory. Using Sideload you will be able to load the new ROM and flash it.

Procedure to install Android ROM with ADB Sideload

If you need to use Sideload to install Android ROMs, continue reading this guide.


  • If possible, make a backup copy of your data.
  • Charge the device at least up to 75% to avoid problems during installation.
  • If your device turns on, enable the mode USB debugging. To do this you must first activate the menu Developer options going in Settings -> Phone info and clicking 7 times on Build number. At this point go to Settings -> Developer options and enables the mode USB debugging.
  • Download and install your device's drivers on your PC. On this page you can find a collection of drivers for different Android manufacturers.
  • Download and extract the contents of the package into a folder.
  • Get the ROM you need to install on your device via Sideload (the ROM must have an extension .zip) and copy it into the folder mfastboot-v2. Rename the ROM in
  • Make sure you have a custom recovery on the device. My advice is to use the TWRP REcovery or the CWM Recovery. If you have never installed it before, on our site we have published several guides on how to do it. Try doing a search and then, at the end of the installation, continue to follow this guide.
  • This guide was created for users of Windows.

How to install Android ROM with Sideload

  • Open the folder mfastboot-v2, hold down the button Shift on the keyboard, right-click on the keyboard's mouse and select Open command window here. The will open Command Prompt.
  • Turn off the device completely and start it in Recovery mode. The procedure changes from device to device. Generally you have to hold down the keys Volume Up + Power or Volume Up + Home + Power.
  • Collage the device to the PC via the USB cable.
  • After starting the recovery mode, if you have the TWRP go to advanced -> ADB Sideload while if you have the CWM go in install -> Install Zip from Sideload.
  • On the PC, in the Command Prompt enter this command and press enter:

adb sideload

  • A progress bar will appear in the Command Prompt which will show the transfer status of the file on the device. At the end of the transfer, the ROM will be installed automatically. Once the installation is complete, you can restart your smartphone.

ADB Sideload 1This all. Harnessing sideload you can now install ROM to perform OTA updates or recover devices in brick status.

If you have encountered any problems during the setup or in the process to install Android ROM or you have doubts about the procedure, do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this using the comments field at the end of this guide.