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How to import contacts from SIM to Android smartphones

If you have just updated your smartphone with the latest Android version – maybe it will be a HTC or a Samsung Galaxy – and you have to insert your old SIM card with the hope of using your phone numbers immediately, but these do not appear, you can have a moment of panic. You may be disappointed to find that when you go to call them on your updated mobile phone, none of your mobile names or numbers are in the phone book. This happens because you probably haven't imported your contacts to the new device yet. Don't worry, because we can quickly solve the problem and here we propose our simple guide on how to import contacts from SIM on your new Android phone.

This is an oversight common to many users who find themselves with an empty address book after updating their device, but we are here to meet our readers and help them import all the phone numbers into the Android smartphone address book. Read on to see how.import contacts from SIM

Note that this process can vary from device to device, but the basic procedure remains the same on most versions of Android, from high-end phones to low-end ones, just look for the options we indicate below and you will certainly find them.

How to import contacts from SIM to Android smartphones

  1. From the screen Home of Android select the Phone application.
  2. Touch the icon Contacts at the top (on some models pucomparire in Settings)
  3. Press and hold the button Menu of the device.
  4. Click onImport / Export.
  5. Select Import from SIM.
  6. Save contacts either in your phone / device or in your Google account.
  7. can choose Select all or check only some contacts to import.

Now all Contacts stored on the SIM will appear in the contact list of the phone.

If you find duplicate numbers in your contacts, then you need to find ways to delete duplicate contacts. If you don't know how to do it except delete them one by one, I suggest you read this guide:

LINK | How to remove duplicate contacts on Android

After seeing how to import contacts from SIM on your Android phone, you can decide to filter the list by going to the phone settings, choosing contacts to view. In this way you will only see the contacts contained in the SIM card or alternatively the contacts stored on the phone or on any connected Gmail account / email.