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How to forward multiple emails in Gmail

While there are many e-mail services out there, Gmail undoubtedly the most popular e-mail service out there. elegant, easy to use and offers very interesting features. However, not all good, for example, there is no way to forward more emails in Gmail, which is a shame because there are times when you need to send more emails. Doing it one by one can be a very daunting task. Fortunately, there are ways to forward more emails to Gmail:

Forward more emails via the Chrome extension

You can use a Chrome extension named " Multi Forward for Gmail "to forward more emails. Here are the steps to do it:

1. First, install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. After adding the extension, go on Gmail and log in to your account.

2. So, select more e-mail from the inbox e click the Multi forward icon which you will find together with the other options.

4. The Chrome Multi Forward extension will then ask you to authenticate your Google account . Just click " Log in ".

5. You will need to log in to your Google account again and click " Allow "on the authorizations page.

6. When finished, you will see a message saying " Successful authentication ".

7. So possible select multiple e-mails that you want to forward e Click the Multi-forward icon . Then enter the email addresses of the recipients. you can add more recipients, which is fantastic. After entering the e-mail addresses, click on "Multi Forward".

8. The e-mails will then be forwarded. Simple, isn't it? The process may take a few seconds, then do not close the window .

Although the Chrome extension certainly works, limit forward to 100 e-mails per day, that a restriction of Google. Moreover, does not work on Chromebook and Google Apps accounts .

Automatic forwarding of email via filters

If you don't want to grant a third-party extension access to your Gmail account, there is a native way in Gmail to automatically forward emails to Gmail using filters. Well, here's how:

1. First, log in to your Gmail account and go to Gmail settings . On the Settings page, go to "Fowarding and POP / IMAP" tab . Here, click " Add forwarding address ".

2. So, enter the email address to you want to forward your emails to. A verification code will be sent to the e-mail address entered.

3. simply enter the verification code and click " Check ".

4. Next, make sure you enable the "Forward a copy …" option and click on the option " creating a filter ".

5. Here you can create a filter for the emails that you want to automatically forward to the specified email address. For example, if you want to forward e-mails from a specific address, you can enter that e-mail address in the "From" space. You can also use specific words, attachments and their dimensions to filter and forward them automatically. Once done, click on " create filter with this search ".

6. On the next page, enable the option " Forward to " is select the email address to which you want to forward messages. Once done, click " Create filter ".

This all! You will now see a forwarding notification at the top of your Gmail inbox for 7 days to make sure you know about it.

Forward more emails to Gmail with these methods

If you want to forward only a few emails, you can use the Multi Forward extension but if you don't want to go through the hassle of doing things manually, you can set up forwarding and filters to automate things in Gmail. Either way, both methods work pretty well, so you can use whatever you want. Let us know if any problems occur in the comments section below.