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How to download free music

Who doesn't remember vinyl records? In the 60s and 70s they were the only opportunities to listen to music among friends. It was enough to put them in a "eating-disc" to listen to them even in mobility. Today they are just a memory for those who have a certain age. In the time of the Internet, when you listen to music, you use terms like mp3 files, downloads, download music, streaming music, download free music, etc. It has changed a lot in recent years and the diascoltaremusica method has also undergone a process of dematerialization.vinyl records","audio cassettes" is CD or "mangiadischi" is "cassette". Today we only use music files in various digital formats, compatible with devices such as iPodeiPhone. Or on Androidma smartphones and tablets even by directly streaming music without even downloading files.

With the internet you have a new way to get music and you can do it for free. This is exactly what I want to talk about in this article, about how download free music from the best websites to be able to listen to them on different devices: desktop is music

Inrete you can find many sites aimed at providing only free music content that allows you to download these songs. There are web sites that sell the music streaming service like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, Google Music, Spotify and other free services. In this article we will only talk abouthow to download free music on Android, iPhone, iPad and desktop devices. Before downloading the mp3 files, check if they are copyrighted, otherwise it could be an illegal activity. We do not intend to promote piracy, so we do not feel responsible for using these suggestions.

Download free music on desktop

There are many sites that allow you to get free music to download, some of them have a setting that encourages searching and facilitates access to the mp3 files you are looking for. In this blog we have already covered the topic and you will find further suggestions by reading the articlebest free mp3 sites. In this section we point out unsitoweb from which to directly download the music tracks and a software to be installed on the computer and allows discharging music using a very simple search method.


download free music: beemp3beemp3 a site that has been online for some time. It has a very clean interface with the possibility of easily and intuitively searching for music, album or artist searches. It is also supplied with the Mobile Version; by clicking on the button in the upper right corner you can view the compatible version on smartphones and tablets, to facilitate download directly on your mobile device. You will immediately notice that Beemp3 will not be bothered by intrusive advertising and if you wish you can also install the Beemp3 toolbar on your browser.

beemp3 | LINK


download free music: Songr-2Songr mainly a music player on the cloud through which you can also search for songs on the Internet download music from various web services such as Prostopleer, Groovershark, Musicsearch and many others. Being a music player, you can listen to the music on your computer.Songr a free software, which as far as we are interested in this article, allows you to search and download music for free on the various sites and online services.

The very simple operation, you have to enter the title of the music in the toolbar and click on one of the results, waiting for the completion of the download on your computer that will be very fast.


Free music to download on Android

New technologies allow you to download musical tracks from the network directly to your Android phone and to make this task simple, there are some applications that allow you to search for songs and download music directly on the device.

Leapps that are proposed, some can be downloaded from the Play Store, while others are APK files to download from other sources.

Advanced Download manager

download free music: mp3Advanced Download Manager you can download it for free from the Play Store and download up to three songs at the same time in MP3 / MP4 format. The application settings allow you to customize the download of files, as well as download speeds (useful for not consuming too many data when you are not on a wi-fi network) and the number of simultaneous downloads. The download of this app is very fast.

Advanced Download Manager equipped with an in-app browser that is not very intuitive and does not simplify searching for music, but understanding how the interface works and finding the song that interests you. Undoubtedly one of the best Android apps to download free music.


Download free music on the iPhone and iPad

iPhonebesides being a great smartphone, it can also be used as an exceptional musical player, now replacing the iPod. After this brief consideration, surely you would like to know how to download music for free directly on the device.

Then let's see how download free musicsuiPhone using any of the App Store applications that allow you to listen directly to the device or download music from some websites.

Music Now IE

download musicMusic Now IE a free app that you can download from the App Store, and it is configured as a music player complete with many features on the best music players. From the app you can search for millions of songs and create dozens of playlists. The song you can put it in the favorites to hear it again quickly, or insert it in a playlist that you can create yourself. The quick and easy search by artist, DJ, song, remix, album, singer, genre and you will instantly have the song chosen. Requires iOS7.1 or later versions. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPodtouch.



Musixmatch a particular app, which does not allow you to download music for free on your iPhone, but allows you to download the lyrics. Musixmatch is the largest catalog of song lyrics in the world that lets you listen to your music with the lyrics in time. The function that allows you to view the translation of the text in many languages ??is also interesting.

DOWNLOAD |Musixmatch