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Hipdf: all-in-one tool for PDF management

I have a love and hate relationship with PDFs. On the one hand PDFs provide an easy and secure way to share documents with others and on the other hand the PDF file format makes it really difficult to manipulate files. The problem is amplified by the fact that most of the free or inexpensive PDF editors we find online do not work properly and those that actually work cost a lot. that's why I was happy when I discovered Hipdf. Not only the service allows you to easily edit, convert, merge, password protect and your PDF files, but also completely free. The service does not even use advertisements that make it an indispensable tool for anyone working with PDFs. In this article I will show you the service and show you if it's worth it or not:

What is Hipdf?

As I mentioned in the introduction, Hipdf one all-purpose tool that can be used to change, convert, merge, password-protect your PDFs . The best part of using this service which is completely free and not even supported by advertising. One of the things I love about this app is that it is a web app which means that it will not only work on all desktop operating systems, but will also be available to you if you want to perform some quick PDF manipulations from your smartphone or tablet.

Hipdf: how does it work?

Hipdf allows you to upload your files to their website and then apply your manipulations and allow you to download the modified file. One of the best aspects of using Hipdf compared to any other service of this type is the fact that all Uploaded files are deleted from the company server within an hour of upload . This means that you don't have to worry about someone stealing your data, which is a major concern for other online services.

Hipdf: what are the tools it offers?

Hipdf equipped with a myriad of tools that allow you to perform any type of manipulation on PDF files. Here are the most noteworthy tools from Hipdf:

Convert PDF

  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to PPT
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF for images (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF)
  • PDF for ePub

Convert to PDF

  • Word in PDF
  • From PPT to PDF
  • Excel in PDF
  • Txt to PDF
  • Images in PDF (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF)

Other PDF tools

  • Merge PDF
  • Split PDF
  • Compress PDF
  • Password protect the PDF
  • Unlock PDF

How to use Hipdf

As I said above, Hipdf is an easy to use tool. All you need to do is upload your PDF files, perform your manipulations and then download the modified files. In this section, I'll show you how you can perform those actions:

  • Converting PDF to other file formats

To convert PDFs to other file formats, just open the Hipdf website e Click on the file format you want to convert . For the purposes of this tutorial, we convert our PDF file into a Word document. To do this, click on the "PDF in Word" box.

On the next page, you can do Click the Choose file button to open a file browsing window or simply drag and drop files like I did .

Hipdf will take a moment to upload and convert files and give you the chance to download them. Using the same method You can convert PDF to any PPT, Excel, Images or vice versa .

To merge multiple PDF files into one, first, Click the Merge PDF menu and then drag and drop the PDF files that you want to merge.

Once the files are released and they finish uploading, you will see a Merge button not the website. Click on it to merge the files and then download the merged file by clicking on the Download file button on the next page.

By now, you must have understood what you have to do . Click the Split PDF menu and then drag and drop the file you want to split . Then select how you want to split PDF files and click the Split button. It only takes a few seconds to perform the operation, after which it is possible to download the divided files using the Download button.

To compress PDF files, do first of all Click on the Compress PDF menu, then drag and drop the PDF files you want to compress . Here, you'll have three compression options to choose from. Choose the one that fits your needs and then click the Collapse button to compress the files.

Price and availability

Hipdf a free online tool that can be accessed by visiting its website. All the operations you perform are free and there are no paywall restrictions . There are also no ads on the website.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • A plethora of tools available
  • Free and without advertising
  • Works everywhere


  • the mobile site works but not very responsive

Edit your PDFs as A Pro with Hipdf

Hipdf a great tool to easily edit and convert your PDF files. The free service does not store any of your data. one of the best PDF editing tools I've seen in a while and I highly recommend it.

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