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goPod 1.3 now boosts the volume of iPod nano too

goPod 1.3 now boosts the volume of iPod nano logomacitynet1200wide 1

Except for the iPod shuffle, it is possible to remove (at the risk of your hearing) the limitation of the output volume present on iPod models sold in Europe.

The limitation imposed by some national laws is to lower the maximum volume which in many cases of continuous listening could damage your hearing but for those who must use the audio player in the car or with additional amplifications it may be necessary to obtain higher output levels.

GoPod, now in version 1.3 and now compatible with iPod nano, allows you to change the two bytes of the firmware which deactivate the limitation and has no secondary effects on the use of the player itself. It is freely downloadable from this page and available in Mac version OS X, Windows and even Linux.

Among the models in which the software operates we do not find the iPod shuffle and the standard first and second generation iPods (in these the limitation of the volume that can be eliminated without external software).

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