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Google updates Hangouts for Android

The announcement to LeWeb: the new version of Hangouts presented by Bradley Horowitz, VP of Google, includes video filters, emoticons and VoIP calls

(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

Paris – Google has updated its version of Hangouts for Android (the new version for iOS will be released in early 2015), adding a few options that make it more fun to use, without changing its functions. The release announcement gave him on the stage of LeWeb Bradley Horowitz, VP of Google product.

Here are the main news.

Last seen. Like WhatsApp, Hangouts will now also show the last time a contact connected, so that it is easy to understand whether to expect a response in a short time or not.

Position. When someone asks you where you are, Hangouts will automatically display a button to share your location: based on the GPS coordinates, but allows you to manually move your pin – without having to reveal it exactly where are you.

Emoticon."Nothing revolutionary", said Horowitz: but people like them and Google has also decided to introduce them in Hangouts. There are about 16 different categories of smilies to choose from, pages and pages of stickers (which are bigger and not necessarily smiles and winks) and two easter eggs: for example, just write Best wishes in chat to see an animation appear automatically.

Video filters. Black and white, sepia, heat map and Hope, which makes the imaginary to Obama's campaign cartels.

Voice calls. Like SMS and MMS, already integrated in the chat and included in your data plan, even calls between Hangouts contacts will automatically be in VoIP – therefore free, provided you have Internet on your smartpone.


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