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Google to conquer cars (with Adroid)

Rumors speak of the launch of an Android service that wants to replace the current infotainment systems of car manufacturers

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

Google does not only think of autonomous cars but of conquering your car tout court. Bigg would like to bring Android's brain into all cars, replacing the current car infotainment systems owned by car manufacturers.

The American company is working on a version specifically for cars of its os. Android Auto is actually already present with some functions integrated in the various car entertainment, but Google would like to replace them and ?Dominate? the intelligence of the car alone.

The key to this strategy the map service, to which others such as messaging and information can be connected. There is talk of the debut of the new Mountain View system during 2015 along with Android M.

Two questions:

It will still be necessary to have the smartphone by car to use these services?

How they will take it car manufacturers?


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