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Google Photos now includes a chat

Google he tries again with the chats and includes one in Photos, which is actually one of the most successful services launched by the giant in recent years. As an initial catchment area it is a sensible move, well, even if a similar operation with YouTube had failed in a few months. Although the company immediately puts its hands forward and states that this chat it is not meant to replace the more generalist services as Talk Hangouts Allo WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger (for that there is Google Messaggi, Android's default SMS / RCS client). The goal is to simplify the sharing of "individual moments of every day".

Said more down to earth: you can share photos and comment in the form of a call-and-answer without ever leaving the app. The comments on the photos, even in the form of conversation, have existed for some time on Foto, but it is a somewhat cumbersome process for those small daily events, like the cat sleeping in a strange position. The system available so far is more designed for shared photo albums. In this case, instead, it is possible to choose a single photo (or video) and share it in a private conversation in the app, instead of in an external service.

Among the mentioned features we mention the possibility of putting "like" to the various shared contents, which can also be downloaded and saved in one's own gallery, and the possibility of creating group chat. We don't have many precise details about security protocols, encryption and so on. The distribution of the function has already started both on Android, both on iOS and on the Web; it will take a few weeks before we get to everyone. We have no evidence for the moment.