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Google Maps will also tell you which lane to take

New feature designed to eliminate panic when you get to an intersection and don't know where to put yourself

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

When there is more and more traffic, one of the great questions of life arises: which way am I?For example, in front of a complex exit on the ring road, or when you get a traffic light and unclear road signs where to turn to turn. If you're wrong, the panic starts: will you be able to take the right line? If I move out of lane, do I risk lynching? But if I can't take the right direction, I will end up in a parallel reality from which I will never go out again?

Now Google, in its mission to solve big problems and improve our lives, promises to answer this question. Big G has expanded its guidance for Gogole Maps, extending it also to the European public, Italy included.

While driving around the streets of any city, the smartphone provides timely suggestions, both voice and text, on the right lane to go based on the set itinerary. No need to install anything, the automatic Caps update.

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