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Google Art Projet launches apps for museums

With Open Gallery the world of art and culture can create apps that guide visitors

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

Paris – A new phase opens in the history of the collaboration between Mountain View – through its Google Art Project – and the world of art and culture. After projects such as digital exhibitions, Mountain View passes the ball directly to museums and art institutes with an app designed specifically for them.

Presented to LeWeb, Open Gallery will allow you to quickly and easily create an Android app capable of giving clear information and guiding visitors and onlookers among the exhibited works.

Open Gallery more than anything else a container with a default structure, that the various museums can customize with routes, photos to enlarge and information on the works. The interface is vaguely inspired by Google Now cards, simple but easy to navigate and based on horizontal and vertical swipes. In short, the individual apps will not enjoy particularly original designs, but, by removing the burden of code writing from the backs of museums, Google hopes to do something welcome.

At the moment there are five local realities that have adopted Open Gallery (GAM, Palazzo Madama and Museod'Arte Orientale of Turin, Emergence Festival of Giardini Naxos eMA * GA of Gallarate), but all interested parties can already request an invitation to participate in the program from the site set up by Mountain View.


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