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Give and receive tracks on the iTunes Music Store: here's how

Ernesto writes: ?With iTunes 6 the possibility of giving a song was introduced. Jobs showed that very simple: click on "Gift This Music", and the buttons next to the songs turn into "Regala Brano". Choose the song you want to give, click on the button and go to a window where you enter the e-mail address of the person you want to give the song to. Then click on Continue and iTunes sends an e-mail to the recipient, who simply has to click on the "Redeem now" button to download the song.

Well, it's possible it's so simple, but not always.

I did a test with an acquaintance (who will call only X), because I wanted to see if I could give a Japanese iTMS song to a friend who is in Italy. I entered the X email, I clicked Continue, but it didn't work: a red writing appeared, in English, which roughly said so:

"The address you entered registered at another ITMS in another country (Italy). can send and receive songs only from the same store ?.

To which I wrote to X, I got an email that was not recorded on the ITMS, and I tried to use that. Not being registered, iTunes could not stop me from sending it. X has received an email that basically says:

"To redeem your gift, click Redeem Now above. You will be asked to verify your account immediately. "

As you can see, it is necessary to have an account on the iTMS, otherwise you cannot receive the gift.

To receive the gift X he had to create an account on the Japanese ITMS. He entered an unregistered address, and contrary to what normally happens, he did not have to indicate a credit card, but was able to select the "none" option in the list of cards, an option that normally does not exist and which may be active only for the collection of gifts.

Later, X received the receipt of the gift withdrawn via e-mail, with a Japanese address and a price NOT paid (which, for me, was a gift, however. The receipt should be sent by the sender).

I then tried to send a gift to myself, to an address not registered on the Italian iTMS, and then I tried to withdraw it, having the foresight to logout from my Japanese account (otherwise I would have downloaded it immediately) and putting iTMS on the Italian store page.

Nothing happened: I got an error message from iTunes saying that maybe there were network problems, and checking the connection. Instead it was just the fact that at that moment I was in another store, because once I switched to the Japanese store and tried to collect the gift again, a window appeared asking to log in to the Japanese store.

Note: In the email you receive with the gift announcement when you click on the Redeem now, Safari opens first, and then iTunes (as usual for direct iTunes links) At the end of the URL that sends you to the ITMS is a 12-letter code, which is the one with which the gift is collected. Since Safari closes the window almost immediately it is easier to see the code using the view of the source mail format.

This code can also be entered manually if on the ITMS home page, in the section called "Account", click on "Use the code". Also in this case, if you are in the Italian ITMS and the code refers to a gift from the Japanese ITMS, iTunes displays a message like: "An error has occurred. Check the connection, etc. "

If you do it in Japanese ITMS instead it works.

The "enter the code" page appears even if, in the email of the song received as a gift, click on the "Redeem now" despite the gift has already been withdrawn. In that case, the following message appears under the code: ?This code has already been used. Each code can only be used once. "

So, for the usual copyright issues, giving yourself songs between different countries a bit annoying but possible, while doing it in the same country only has the slight annoyance of the need to sign up for the store (which for someone may be annoying, if made to receive a gift). "