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From Vaja an iPod case with Swarovski crystals

They may not be at the level of Gucci cases but, at least as far as price is concerned, they come closer. We are talking about the new iVod Cristal covers, launched yesterday by Vaja.

The Argentine house, which specializes in high quality cases for every type of pocket device (and for some models of laptops), this time has combined with the usual first grain leather, a studded with Swarovsky crystals.

The iPod cases (available for the 20 and 40 GB, U2, Photo 30, 40 and 60 GB models) are made to order and all have a high degree of finish: leather lace with silver applique, lined interior, cover for the screen.

The colors available are: white and light blue, white and barn red, light blue, black, and "bronze medal". Each color is combined with crystals that are pendant.

The cost for each housing starts at $ 340.

More information and the possibility of making the order, customizing the case, on the Vaja website