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FireWire fans club

FireWire fans club

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Seven Taiwanese companies (Via, Texas Instruments, Joinsoon Electronics, Procomp Informatics, Asian MGI Software and Microsoft Taiwan), some based on the Asian island and other subsidiaries of American companies, have recently launched a consortium to promote FireWire. This was announced by the local financial newspaper Commercial Times, according to which the declared objective is to establish an even larger group, up to 200, of producers in the IT world whose goal will be to support IEEE 1394 ?as a standard for connectivity and the networks ".

The alliance, which bears the name of Taiwan 1394 Club, was born only a few weeks after a series of meetings for the launch of USB 2. The standard promoted by Intel considered for its speed and the fact of having to its shoulders a giant like the world's largest chip maker, a direct competitor of FireWire. The Taiwanese, says the newspaper The Register, have taken action to promote FireWire in the belief that if USB 2 really takes off, the local computer industry may find itself even more closely constrained than it is now at Intel, a scenario that the group intends to avoid.

In the coming weeks, the Taiwan 1394 Club could start with a series of standard promotion activities, particularly for end users, which could mean more products and a better image of FireWire devices.

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