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FileMaker on Palm.

FileMaker on Palm.

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FileMaker Pro is the second most popular database application for the Win platform (second obviously to Microsoft's overwhelming power) and has always been the most appreciated for Mac since the time of Claris Inc.

Next winter a US version of "FileMaker Mobile" for PalmOS will be available for less than $ 100, localized versions will come later.

The president of Filemaker, Dominique Goupil, has justified this new product with the data of a recent research tending to calculate how much FileMaker Pro users use a PDA, they are at least a third of the total.

The strength of FileMaker Pro for PDAs with PalmOS will be the synchronization of the handheld with the desktop computer at the touch of a button, the integration of the same functions on the platform you are using (a first thing that unites Mac, Palm and Win ) and the classic ease of use typical of Apple products.

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